September 18th PBL Luncheon with Speaker Donald Dixon

September 6, 2019

Join us Wednesday, September 18th, 2019, 11:45 am -1:15 pm, at the DoubleTree by Hilton near the Lloyd Center with speaker Donald Dixon.

Donald, a soon to be retired guidance counselor of 41 years with PPS, is known by many in Portland as founder and leader of the mentorship program Boys to Men.

The 11-year program based at Jefferson High seeks to bring inner city high school boys (who have no father at home), together with men from many different professional backgrounds to mentor them in hopes of finishing high school and transitioning into either college, a trade or living wage employment.

Donald has an extensive background coaching youth, directing basketball camps for both boys and girls, serving in his church and community on various boards and committees, demonstrating his passion and commitment for making a difference in his community with a distinct focus on education, counseling and social issues.

He and his wife of 37 years have two children, one grandchild and serve together in ministry.
Join us for lunch and to hear Donald’s faith-life Portland story.
Cost of the luncheon is $25.00 and registration is required.

If you would like to register a group of people, please contact Diana directly at 503-906-1581


August 21, 2019 PBL Luncheon with Tony Kriz

August 5, 2019

Tony KrizJoin us Wednesday, August 21, 2019, 11:45 am -1:15 pm, at the DoubleTree by Hilton near the Lloyd Center with speaker Tony Kriz.

Portland-based Tony Kriz is known as a speaker, writer, thinker and neighborhood theologian. This last year he served as emcee at the annual PBL Christmas Luncheon.

He has a Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation. He teaches in colleges and universities around the country on topics of authentic faith, spiritual formation, cultural integration, cross-spiritual communication, and sacred friendship.

His writing life involves books (including ALOOF and Neighbors and Wise Men), articles (including Leadership Journal), and playful profundity through his blog.

Tony grew up Eugene, Oregon and spent his young adulthood in the developing world, including two years living with and being loved by a Muslim family in Albania. He has learned the gospel alongside non-religious barflies and undergrad geniuses at places like Reed College.

He is husband to Aimee, father to three courageous and creative boys, unofficial ambassador of his beloved Portland, devoted to his neighborhood, honored by his communal household, and a friend to the religious and irreligious alike.

Tony hopes through words both written and spoken, to give people permission to authentically feel/speak/struggle and to honestly express their faith-filled affections.

Please join us for lunch and fellowship by registering at this link:


The cost of the luncheon is $25.00 and pre-registration is required.



July 17th PBL With Speaker Charlene Williams

July 8, 2019

We invite invite you to attend our upcoming monthly luncheon to hear from speaker Charlene Williams, Wednesday, July 17, from 11:45 am to 1:15 pm at the Doubletree by Hilton.

Currently an assistant superintendent for the Camas School District, Charlene believes that education can act as an agent for change.

For more than 25 years, Charlene has promoted change through education, including serving as principal at Roosevelt High School during the time of The Season of Service campaign, an historic partnership between the City of Portland, churches and public schools.

Early in her career, Charlene was inspired by Carter G. Woodson’s writings from The Mis- Education of the Negro, which shaped her philosophy that leaders must equip and inspire staff members, elevate student voice and engagement, and proactively forge alliances with parents and other stakeholders.

Charlene works to eliminate all practices and structures that reproduce barriers and inequities for students, operating with the unbending belief that we can, and should, all be working together to re-imagine and reinvent education experiences and outcomes for students.

Charlene is a wife, a mother, a teacher, a leader, an author and lifelong learner, and has had the privilege of working with school communities to improve attendance, enrollment and academic outcomes and opportunities for students. Her aim is to help educators and families eliminate opportunity and outcome disparities, so each student can thrive.

Please join us to hear Charlene’s faith-life story while enjoying lunch and fellowship.

Cost of the luncheon is $20.00.

Registration is required and seating is limited, so please register at this link.

If you would like to register a group of people,
please contact Diana directly at 503-906-1580


June 19th Luncheon with Alex Molden

May 25, 2019


The men and women of PBL invite you to join us for lunch, Wednesday June 19th with speaker Alex Molden.

After sustaining a devastating knee injury his freshman year, he became a captain of a team that won the prestigious Pac-10 Championship and put them in the Rose bowl for the first time in 37 years, even after starting the season 1-2! With Alex’s leadership, the team worked hard to establish a deeper relationship with one another that allowed them to refocus and come together for one common cause & in the process rewrite U of O football history.

After overcoming hurdles both on and off the field, he was drafted in the 1st round (11th overall) of the 1996 NFL draft. Alex played for 8-years (Saints, Chargers & Lions).

Alex’s main focus is to strengthen team collaborations, communication & transparency using his patent Alignment, Assignment, Adjustment & Assessment formula. His formula has given many organizations and executives proven solutions to help them build a more galvanized team. Some of Alex’s clients include the Boys & Girls Club of America, Hiya, Microsoft & Nike.

Alex has dedicated himself full time to bringing his message of personal and professional leadership & culture change to conferences around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, he helps break through the boundaries that are limiting most organizational teams and get them ready to shape the future.

He & his wife Christin have 8 children whom they love and adore.

Cost of the luncheon is $20.00 and pre-registration is highly recommended.


May 15th PBL Luncheon with Tom Wilson

May 2, 2019

Growing up in North Carolina in the 60’s Tom had a front row seat to Jim Crow, integration, desegregation, busing, white flight and the southern strategy, but experienced transformation through the person of Jesus Christ while spending time with men who were brought up to be adversarial with each other.

In 2009, Tom was invited by Tony Kriz to attend the Friday Morning men’s group that meets weekly in NE Portland, which continues to be one of the most spiritually important moments in his life.

Tom worked for AT&T Bell Labs for 20 years as an electrical engineer in the field of Power Electronics. At different times he has been responsible for the design, manufacture, and marketing of power supplies. He currently works with his son John at SIMPLIS Technologies, which develops and markets the SIMPLIS power supply circuit simulation software program that is sold around the world.

Having lived in Dallas, Minneapolis, New Jersey, and now Portland, Tom and his wife Jane were married in 1975 and have two adult children.

Please join us for lunch to hear from Tom.

Cost of the luncheon is $20.00. Registration is required and seating is limited, so please register at this link.




April 24th PBL Luncheon with Serena Morones

March 29, 2019
Don’t miss our upcoming monthly luncheon with speaker Serena Morones, Wednesday, April 24th from 11:45 am – 1:15 pm at the DoubleTree by Hilton near the Lloyd Center.

Serena will share the faith story of her business, Morones Analytics. As a lifelong Oregonian, Serena grew up in Roseburg, Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon and Portland State University. She is married to husband Tony Morones, and has four children including a son adopted from Rwanda.

Serena believes that our aspects of life should be integrated instead of balanced-faith, family, health, business and community. Serena will share about her decision to quit a great job and start a forensic accounting firm, and how her faith has guided her on an 18 year business journey.

Come join us for lunch and fellowship and to hear Serena’s faith business story.

Cost of the lunch is $20.00 and pre-registration is highly suggested.
If you would like to register a group of people, please contact Diana directly at 503-906-1580

March 20th PBL Luncheon with Jean Gutierrez

February 27, 2019

Don’t miss our upcoming monthly speaker Jean Gutierrez, friend of Robert King.

Wednesday, March 20th from 11:45 am – 1:15 pm at the DoubleTree by Hilton near the Lloyd Center.

Suspended and kicked out of 8 schools, including his elementary school, Jean Gutierrez joined a gang at age of 12. With a pattern of drinking and driving he had his first car accident at age 13.

After moving to the U.S., his behavior continued to land him in numerous courts including overnights in correctional.

After being caught with drugs while driving drunk, Jean was sentenced to one and half years  probation, earned by multiple DUI’s, drug dealing, and drug abuse. He also experienced a parental divorce.

Saved by Christ at age of 23, Jean turned his life around, and started a food business. By starting this new venture, he was able to employ his mother from McDonald’s and also making her a business partner. She now oversees and operates PDX Meal Prep- a local meal delivery service targeted to help people save time and lose weight by eating healthy food.

Come join with us and hear how this all happened to Jean by the age of 25. He has a beautiful relationship, and he’s been sober and drug free for 3 years.

He’s looking forward to telling his story about God pulling him out of darkness and into his heavenly glory.

Register today for our weekly luncheon at this link.