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Scott Davison at the Eastside PBL Luncheon

January 16, 2013

44Friends and regular attendees enjoyed hearing from guest speaker Scott Davison at the Eastside PBL luncheon on Wednesday, January 16th.

Scott Davison strives to live an integrated life with his wife Jojo and 2 housemates in North Portland. Having spent the last 7 years recovering from a life as a successful developer he currently owns a small neighborhood coffee shop and founded Vocoform, a non-profit devoted to re-imagining the ancient idea of vocation at the intersection of values, work, life, within the neighborhood. Scott has worked in many capacities in business but his passion was refined through enterprise development work among the least resourced in Bangladesh. He is a relentless entrepreneur always striving to find new ways to bring about renewal and restoration to all he does. His facial hair serves as an apt accompaniment to his fondness for wearing kilts.


June 20th Eastside PBL Lunch

June 14, 2012

Andrea P. Cook, Ph.D., President of Warner Pacific College

Please join us for our East-side  PBL at the Red Lion Hotel-Convention Center, Wednesday June 20th, 11:45-1:15.  Our guest speaker will be Andrea P. Cook, Ph.D., President of Warner Pacific College. Reservations are required and lunch is $18.  For more details, follow this link