About PDXlunch

Portland Business Luncheons is a collection of business people who meet together monthly for lunch. Our purpose is to develop relationships within the business community so that we may carry out the greatest commandment:  love God and love each other. We meet monthly for lunch and listen to a speaker share their faith story. We also meet in small prayer groups around the city.

Please join one of our monthly luncheons to make friends and hear inspiring stories.

Our monthly lunch schedule is as follows:

Eastside:  The 3rd Wednesday at various locations. Contact Jim Eney jimeney@frontier.com

Downtown: The 4th Wednesday at the University Club of Portland, 1225 Southwest 6th Avenue, Portland, OR 97204.  Contact Diana Dettwyler Diana@moronesanalytics.com or 503-906-1581.

Lunches are scheduled from 11:45 am- 1:15 pm.

We do not have regular monthly lunches in November and December.  We host our annual Christmas lunch during the third week of December.

You may join our lunch announcement list by clicking the image below and filling out the sign up form.  See you at lunch!



  1. Hello, i’m somewhat new to Portland, coming out of St. Louis. I just discovered you in Christian News Northwest. It was exciting for me to read about Larry Anderson’s inspiring experience. As a white woman i was blessed with similar experience but going the other direction. Your group’s goal of loving God and loving each other is exactly what i’m all about. I will look forward to meeting with a group of like-minded souls and getting to know you all.

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