May 15th PBL Luncheon with Tom Wilson

May 2, 2019

Growing up in North Carolina in the 60’s Tom had a front row seat to Jim Crow, integration, desegregation, busing, white flight and the southern strategy, but experienced transformation through the person of Jesus Christ while spending time with men who were brought up to be adversarial with each other.

In 2009, Tom was invited by Tony Kriz to attend the Friday Morning men’s group that meets weekly in NE Portland, which continues to be one of the most spiritually important moments in his life.

Tom worked for AT&T Bell Labs for 20 years as an electrical engineer in the field of Power Electronics. At different times he has been responsible for the design, manufacture, and marketing of power supplies. He currently works with his son John at SIMPLIS Technologies, which develops and markets the SIMPLIS power supply circuit simulation software program that is sold around the world.

Having lived in Dallas, Minneapolis, New Jersey, and now Portland, Tom and his wife Jane were married in 1975 and have two adult children.

Please join us for lunch to hear from Tom.

Cost of the luncheon is $20.00. Registration is required and seating is limited, so please register at this link.



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