Downtown Luncheon Wednesday February 22nd with Guest Speaker Teresa Stroup

February 13, 2017

professional-picture_teresa-stroupTERESA STROUP

Executive Director, Good Samaritan Ministries

You are invited to join us for our Downtown PBL luncheon, on Wednesday, February 22nd at the University Club in downtown Portland. Our guest speaker will be Teresa Stroup.

Teresa Stroup serves as the Executive Director at Good Samaritan Ministries.

Teresa’s motto has always been “adulthood is the place that children go to recover from childhood,” nothing could be truer for her. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, lost in the world as a teen, God found this shattered soul and created a new life.

Teresa went to 25 schools before the 8th grade and dropped out of school to never complete High School.

Teresa married Patrick when she was 21 years old and eventually they started working at Churches.

Rewarded the Restart Grant through the Ford Family Foundation and Completed college when she was 54 years old.

She has a huge heart for family recovery and restoration. She has now been married for 37 years and has three adult children and three grandchildren. We believe you will be greatly impacted by Teresa’s story as her passion for marriage, parenting, broken families, and bringing restoration to the community is shared.


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