September Luncheon with Guest Speaker Raymond De Silva

September 13, 2016

raymond-desilviaYou are invited to join us for our Downtown PBL luncheon, on Wednesday, September 28th at the University Club. Our guest speaker will be Raymond De Silva.

Raymond De Silva’s grandmother always said he reminded her of “Elvis” because of the way he wore his hair and the shoes he would wear. Thus, began his passionate love of all things music. Having grown up in Oregon, the spirit of Portland has been firmly imprinted on his heart. Hi local loyalties are pledged to the Oregon Ducks and Trail Blazers.

On top of his zeal for music, the music industry and musicians, he is a successful, unconventional, and creative business strategist. Raymond began his education in the business industry by studying the stock market in an advanced economics class in high school. He even began his first business venture in high school, selling candy bars out of his locker.

High School is also where Raymond’s passion for the music industry blossomed. He blew off a homework assignment to research bands and artists on MySpace that he believed would, one day, be popular. His taste for music centers on the Motown era, specifically the “Hitsville USA” studio. Motown music symbolizes a coming-of-age celebration and is timeless. It was the key to racial integration in music and created a sound that appealed to people of all races.

Raymond continues his love for music today. He is currently the artist manager for recording artist Brant Colella. During the last few years, he launched Luis Palau’s Creative Arts Alliance, mentored musicians, and founded a music festival aptly named Portland Soundcheck showcasing the talent of his hometown of Portland, Oregon.

He desires to develop musicians to use their talents to share the gospel in powerful, relevant, and imaginative ways. Raymond has a M.A. in Spiritual Formation and a B.A. in Organizational Communication from George Fox University. He has also served as a band pastor for Sixteen Cities. He has worked with artists from NBC The Voice, American Idol, and MTV. He has a heart to bring people together to experience the emergence of new cultures and forge new grounds between music on the cusp and listeners.

Join us to hear Raymond share is personal faith story and pivotal power nuggets he learned along the way. You don’t want to miss this!

  • The fee for lunch is $25.00
  • Lunch not guaranteed without reservation
  • We can accommodate most dietary requests with advance notice

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If you have questions about Portland Business Luncheons or would like to know how to better connect with the group, feel free to contact any of the following leaders.

Jennie Mitchell Jennie@JennieLMitchell.com

Tim Miller  TMiller@watrust.com

Serena Morones serena@moronesanalytics.com

We look forward to meeting with you soon!

For questions about this week’s luncheon contact:

Cathryn Brinkman Cathryn@moronesanalytics.com 503-906-1581

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