Eastside luncheon with Neil Lomax

February 13, 2015

PicMonkey Collage

Neil Lomax was a standout college player at Portland State University and held 90 NCAA records, including one game where he threw for seven touchdown passes in a single quarter. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications in 1981. Lomax was drafted by the then St. Louis Cardinals, and had a 9-year career in the NFL; he retired in 1990.

As Neil sat in church one Sunday, in June 2009, listening to stories about SouthLake’s first Day of Service at Roosevelt High School, something gripped him and he decided he needed to give back a portion of the gift God had given him. Football. How could he help pass on the great experience of playing football, and make it important in a kid’s life? A phone call to the newly hired head coach, with a genuine offer to help, led to a coaching position with the Roosevelt Rough Riders. He couldn’t know then how it would change him. He and the other coaches, are constantly learning and changing their “game plan” for growing young kids into men. Through football.

Lomax is the president of ProMax Event Management and an avid golfer.  He and his wife Laurie live in Lake Oswego, and have four children: Nick, Ali, Jack and Mitch- all accomplished athletes.

Make plans to join us for lunch and hear Neil share his life-story; a story of sports, family and giving back of the one thing he always counted on- the love of God.

RSVP is required and the cost of lunch is $20.00  You are encouraged to invite and register your friends.

Click here to register for this PBL luncheon on Wednesday February 18th.

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