PBL Fall 2014 Guest Speakers

August 27, 2014


RANJY THOMAS September 17th


1333 NE MLK BLVD  Portland OR  97232

Rnajy Thomas

Ranjy Thomas is the CEO of Flying Rhinoceros, a children’s media company located in Portland, OR.  In addition to leading innovation, technology and storytelling in his industry, he is also an Elder and Pastor in his church, where he leads a ministry of 1200 college students and young professionals.  Ranjy has a passion for helping people identify their strengths so they can bring their best to their work, church, family and life. Ranjy lives in Portland with his wife Shine and their two kids, Sydney and Pax.

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September 24th with KATHY ANFUSO

Downtown at the University Club

K Anfuso and familyKathy Shea Anfuso is from Sand Point, New York and attended Loretto Heights College in Denver Colorado. Kathy’s father, whom she would describe as very relational, was a New York attorney with much influence and political power. His efforts to bring National League Baseball back to New York culminated in both the Mets and in the stadium bearing his name. Kathy’s mother was an amazing woman of stature who would often remind her, “they’re watching.”

Kathy married attorney Vic Anfuso, son of a longtime NY Congressional Representative. Kathy and Vic lived a grand lifestyle in the New York City area with their 5 small children, until they were called to make a life shift.

Vic was being led to leave New York and travel to California to begin ministry training. Kathy describes leaving New York City to California, and eventually Oregon, like going through the bends; a decompression sickness experienced by divers and aviators from rapid pressure changes.

Kathy has 9 grandchildren and serves on the board of Portland Rescue Mission. People who know Kathy often describe her as very down-to-earth and inspirational. Kathy will be sharing her life-story and journey of faith. She will address two nagging questions:

“Is this all there is?” and “What is the purpose that drives you?”

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  • Luncheons are held on Wednesdays from 11:45-1:15
  • Space is limited and an RSVP is required
  • The fee for lunch is $20.00 for an early reservation
  • Luncheon fee is $22 at the door (a reservation is still required)
  • Lunch is not guaranteed without a reservation
  • We can accommodate most dietary requests with advance notice

379994_499650400058522_1869307944_nSAVE THE DATE:

Thursday December 18th 2014

28th Annual

PBL Christmas Luncheon

with keynote speaker

Victor Anfuso



We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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